What Happened To Rocketmail ?

If you are a person who has been living in the 90s then you might still be aware of the fact that there used to be an email and service which went by the name of RocketMail. RocketMail once used to be the household name of the email and service which provided users with free of cost services and completed with Top Notch email Giants of the time. Many considered to be one of the most amazing services available on the Internet back then because of how many features it used to offer. Right now if you ask a teenager what RocketMail means they would probably ridicule you Best state in the file that it would be one of the most obsolete emails and services out there. Currently in the world of social media and free messaging through the help of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram nobody really cares about what an email related service could be of help to people. The matter regarding internet messaging has changed a lot ever since the days of RocketMail and its relative popularity in those early days of the internet.


RocketMail was the hot new thing in the late 90s when the world of internet was still booming and people were still figuring out how they could get their hands on free emailing services. It was the time when almost all internet-based services but paid and required you to spend a lot of Fortune to be able to use them. This is when RocketMail brought their free of cost emailing services which allow users to message people with Gmail Posteingang email, address All Around The World for absolutely free of cost. This pretty much revolutionized the way today’s modern-day internet works.



RocketMail was owned under the banner of Four11 Corporation and soon after their initial success and the Internet world, it was sold to Yahoo mail for a walk and price of 92 million dollars at the time in 1997. Yahoo’s email or Yahoo Mail was based upon the RocketMail backbone. The users who had already registered under the RocketMail Banner were allowed to keep the email addresses and could easily login through Yahoo’s official website with their RocketMail domains. New registrations under the RocketMail domain name were canceled as soon as yahoo got control of them.


On the 10th anniversary of the acquisition of Rocket mail, Yahoo decided to allow users to register again under the banner of RocketMail just to ensure that they could get more users by invoking Nostalgia among the people. Thus in 2008 RocketMail was again rebranded to attract more users. Again and 2013 the support for RocketMail was discontinued as Yahoo wasn’t able to turn RocketMail into a profit. The existing RocketMail or Gmail Inloggen users were not affected at all and cancel login using Yahoo is the official website. The login page of Rocket Mail Login & Hotmail Login UK was completely the same.


RocketMail is pretty much a story of history that was great while it lasted. Currently, only the old school people and collectors of email addresses have access to RocketMail email accounts. It is one of the most prized possession among private collectors.